3D Modeling and Circuit Model Extraction of Vias in Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards


The analysis of vias in multilayered geometries helps to improve the modeling of PCB's and engineer a good solution from a signal integrity point of view [1-5]. The modeling of such elements is usually performed with full wave simulation tools. Although this is not an optimum approach for circuit analysis, it provides the insight needed for PCB layout. The extraction of circuit models to use in a SPICE tool avoids time consuming 3D simulations and simplifies the board design. Several methods can be employed to extract equivalent circuits from S-parameters, each of which is characterized by a trade-off between accuracy and complexity. Moreover, the need of an accurate model mainly depends upon the frequency range of interest, in fact, the wider the range is, the more complexity is needed in the equivalent circuit in order to reproduce the initial S-parameter data, which can be considered as the reference to estimate the accuracy of the model itself.

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Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (2004: Mar. 28-31, Pisa, Italy)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Circuit Simulation; Circuit Theory; Electronic Equipment Manufacture; Equivalent Circuits; Extractive Metallurgy; Nanostructured Materials; Networks (Circuits); PIERS; Printed Circuit Boards; Printed Circuit Manufacture; Printed Circuits; Reverberation; Scattering Parameters; Signal Processing; SPICE; Three Dimensional; Three Dimensional Computer Graphics; 3D Modeling; 3D Simulations; Accurate Models; Board Designs; Circuit Analyses; Circuit Models; Equivalent-Circuit; Frequency Ranges; Full Waves; Modeling; Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards; Multilayered; Parameter Datum; Signal Integrities; Time Consuming; Electric Network Analysis

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01 Mar 2004

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