Research on System Security Coordination Problem in Multilevel Electricity Market


With further development of restructuring in power industry, it's urgent and necessary to establish multilevel power market in large interconnected power systems in order to better configure energy resources in a larger scope and gain greater economic benefit of power exchange. This paper puts strong emphasis upon system security coordination problem in a multilevel market, which is one of the key problems encountered in such environment. After careful analysis and comparison of several proposed alternatives, a sequential security coordination scheme that is based on two sets of coordination information is recommended. Under this scheme the upper-level and lower-level power market can cooperate smoothly for the system security, and potential power exchanges among lower-level markets can be greatly boosted. The related topics and results of a case study are also introduced. It is concluded that this scheme is excellent for its high economics, low complexity, fair flexibility and easy generalization.

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CIGRE/IEEE PES International Symposium Quality and Security of Electric Power Delivery Systems, CIGRE/PES 2003 (2003: Oct. 8-10, Montreal, Canada)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Commerce; Economics; Electric Power System Economics; Electric Power System Interconnection; Electric Power Transmission; Electric Rates; Electric Utilities; Energy Resources; Industrial Economics; Power Markets; Power Quality; Security of Data; Environmental Economics; Power Generation Economics; Power Industry; Power System Analysis; Power System Economics; Power System Interconnection; Power System Security; Electric Power System Security; Electricity Supply Industry; Information Security; Power System Analysis Computing

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01 Oct 2003