Real-Time Economic Dispatch Model with Prohibited Zones Considering Maximum Wind Power Injection


Due to the physical limitations of the generator, the vibrations in a shaft bearing may be amplified at a certain operation regimes, the prohibited zones are needed which leads to a disjoint power generation instead of continuous output. Besides, the reservation for each generator should also be considered to face with the stochastic integrated generation of large-scale wind power into power grid, which actually reduces the total reservation of the grid. Therefore, the economic dispatch with the multiple objective of minimized cost and maximized wind power integration, as well as the prohibited zones, was set up, and a standard mixed integer quadratic programming was formulated. Furthermore, the test system with six, fifteen and multiple generators were simulated respectively. The results show that the proposed method can be applied to the real-time system.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Integer Programming; Interactive Computer Systems; Quadratic Programming; Real Time Systems; Scheduling; Stochastic Systems; Wind Power; Big M; Complementary Constraints; Economic Dispatch; Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming; Prohibited Zones; Wind Power Integrations; Electric Power Transmission Networks; Wind Power Integration

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01 Feb 2015