EMI Analysis of DVI Link Connectors


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is correlated with mode conversion, from differential-mode signals to common-mode currents and further to antenna-mode currents on the outside of cables or enclosures. This paper presents methods to quantify the mode conversion caused by discontinuities in the digital visual interface (DVI) signal link. These discontinuities are mostly present in the DVI connector, the DVI cable, and the connector-cable interface. A systematic approach was developed in this study to isolate and identify the different coupling paths in a high-speed interface (in this case, DVI is shown) and also to identify which discontinuity is most critical to mitigate EMI. The method developed in this study can be used for any high-speed interface in modern communication systems.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Antennas; Cable shielding; Cables; Connectors (structural); Contacts (fluid mechanics); Couplings; Electric current measurement; Electric impedance; Electromagnetic pulse; Electromagnetic wave interference; Radiation shielding; Radomes; Shielding; Signal interference; Antenna mode; Commonmode; Coupling paths; Differential mode; HDMI; Mode conversions; Visual Interface; Electromagnetic shielding

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01 Feb 2018