Thin absorbing layers containing magnetic alloy or ferrite inclusions can be effectively used for attenuating common-mode currents on extended structures, such as power cords, cables, or edge-coupled microstrip lines. An analytical model to evaluate attenuation on the coaxial line with the central conductor coated with a magneto-dielectric layer is proposed and validated by the experiments and numerical modeling. The analytical model is validated using available magneto-dielectric samples of different thicknesses. This model can serve for comparing and predicting the absorptive properties of different samples of magneto-dielectric materials, whose compositions may be unknown, but dielectric and magnetic properties can be determined by independent measurements over the specified frequency ranges. From modeling the absorption in a coaxial line with a wrapped central conductor, it could be concluded whether it is reasonable to use this particular material in such applications as a shield on an Ethernet or other cable, for reducing potential common-mode currents and unwanted radiation in the frequency range of interest.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Absorber Layers; Absorbing Layers; Analytical Model; Coaxial Line; Common Mode Currents; Dielectric And Magnetic Properties; Extended Structures; Frequency Ranges; Independent Measurement; Magnetic Alloy; Numerical Modeling; Power Cords; Cables; Coaxial Cables; Computer Simulation; Ethers; Ferrites; Magnetic Materials; Magnetic Properties; Magnetos; Mathematical Models; Microstrip Lines; Models; Dielectric Materials

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03 Jul 2011