Fabrication of Two-Layer Thin-Film Magnetic-Field Microprobes on Freestanding SU-8 Photoepoxy


Development and testing of a two-sided magnetic-field microprobe using freestanding SU-8 photoepoxy as the insulating material are presented. Sputter-deposited thin-film silver conductors, patterned using a modified lift-off technique, were used as the loop and shielding traces on opposite sides of the SU-8 dielectric. Removal of the patterned probes from a silicon-carrier substrate was done by wafer dicing individual probes and undercutting a sacrificial silicon dioxide layer on the wafer surface. Assembly of the probe was accomplished using gold wire and electrically conductive epoxy on a printed circuit platform. Test measurement results indicate that the magnetic field from each of the two 500-μm-wide circuit traces separated by a 100-μm spacing can be readily resolved.


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Carrier Substrate; Circuit Traces; Electrically Conductive; Electromagnetic Microprobe; Gold Wire; Liftoff Technique; Micro-Probes; Silicon Dioxide Layers; Silver Conductors; Test Measurements; Two Layers; Wafer Dicing; Wafer Surface; Building Materials; Electric Field Measurement; Electromagnetic Shielding; Electronic Equipment Manufacture; Integrated Circuits; Magnetic Fields; Probes; Radiation Protection; Semiconducting Silicon Compounds; Silica; Silicon Wafers; Silver; Thin Film Devices; Magnetic Materials; Electromagnetic Microprobe; Integrated Circuits (ICs); Magnetic-Field Measurement; SU-8 Photoepoxy

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01 Mar 2010