Piecewise and Wiener Filter-Based SAR Techniques for Monostatic Microwave Imaging of Layered Structures


In this paper, two new techniques for microwave imaging of layered structures are introduced. These techniques were developed to address the limiting issues associated with classical synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging techniques in generating focused and properly-positioned images of embedded objects in generally layered dielectric structures. The first method, referred to as piecewise SAR (PW-SAR), is a natural extension of the classical SAR technique, and considers physical and electrical properties of each individual layer and the discontinuity among them. Although this method works well with low loss dielectric media, its applicability to lossy media is limited. This is due to the fact that this method does not consider signal attenuation. Moreover, multiple reflections within each layer are not incorporated. To improve imaging performance in which these important phenomena are included, a second method was developed that utilizes the Green's function of the layered structure and casts the imaging approach into a deconvolution procedure. Subsequently, a Wiener filter-based deconvolution technique is used to solve the problem. The technique is referred to as Wiener filter-based layered SAR (WL-SAR). The performance and efficacy of these SAR based imaging techniques are demonstrated using simulations and corresponding measurements of several different layered media.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Green's Function; Microwave Imaging; Nondestructive Testing; Synthetic Aperture Radar; Wiener Filter Deconvolution; Electric Properties; Imaging Systems; Classical Synthetic Apertures; Deconvolution Techniques; Layered Dielectric Structure

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01 Jan 2014