Detection and Localization of R/C Electronic Devices using Hurst Parameter


Traditional approach of locating devices relies on "tagging" with a special tracking device, for example GPS receiver. This process of tagging is often impractical and costly since additional devices may be necessary. Conversely, in many applications it is desired to track electronic devices, which already emit unintentional, passive radio frequency (RF) signals. These emissions can be used to detect and locate such electronic devices. Existing schemes often rely on a priori knowledge of the parameters of RF emission, e.g. frequency profile, and work reliably only on short distances. In contrast, the proposed methodology aims at detecting the inherent self-similarity of the emitted RF signal by using Hurst parameter, which (1) allows detection of unknown (not-pre-profiled) devices, (2) extends the detection range over signal strength (peak-detection) methods, and (3) increases probability of detection over the traditional approaches. Moreover, the distance to the device is estimated based on the Hurst parameter and passive RF signal measurements such that the detected device can be located. Theoretical and experimental studies demonstrate improved performance of the proposed methodology over existing ones, for instance the basic received signal strength (RSS) indicator scheme. The proposed approach increases the detection range by 70%, the probability of detection by 60%, and improves the range estimation and localization accuracy by 70%.

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Sensors, and Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) Technologies for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense XI (2012: Apr. 23-25, Baltimore, MD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Detection; Hurst Parameter; Localization; Self-Similarity; Unintentional Emissions; Electronic Device; Experimental Studies; Frequency Profiles; GPS Receivers; Priori Knowledge; Probability Of Detection; Radiofrequency Signals; Range Estimation; Received Signal Strength; RF Signal; Signal Strengths; Tracking Devices; Error Detection; Global Positioning System; RSS

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01 Jun 2012