A Dynamic Programming-based Approach to Microarray Image Registration


Microarray technology is increasingly used as a means of high throughput analysis of human, non-human and plant genomes. Manual methods of array production have inherent imperfections and variations of the quality of output data derived from these arrays. For paired microarray images acquired using manual methods of array production, image registration is necessary for aligning corresponding spots for comparison. In this research, a dynamic programming technique is investigated for registering and comparing microarray image pairs. The output of the cost function developed provides a similarity measure between the images and can be applied to evaluating the quality of the image pair. The backward solution from the dynamic programming algorithm developed provides the basis for registering the image pairs. The image registration technique provides for an optimal alignment of the image pairs. The aligned images facilitate spot-to-spot comparisons between the image pairs for detecting specific genetic expressions that could be related to bio-medical functions.

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SPIE 4735, Hybrid Image and Signal Processing VIII (2002: Apr. 1, Orlando, FL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Database Systems; Feature Extraction; Image Analysis; Image Quality; Image Registration; Microarray; Dynamic Programming; Cost-function

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Apr 2002