A domino logic test circuit includes a dynamic node, a precharge device for charging the dynamic node, and an output inverter for inverting an output of the dynamic node. A logic network is coupled to the dynamic node for discharging the dynamic node in accordance with logic. A footer device enables and disables the logic network. A keeper device is coupled to the dynamic node for retaining a charge state of the dynamic node while awaiting the logic network to operate in accordance with the logic. A test mode selection device is coupled to the dynamic node and is configured to enable a latch in the test mode. A phase selection device is configured to receive at least a wait signal and to enable selection of at least a precharge phase for charging the dynamic node to a voltage level, a write phase for generating a value to the latch based on the logic and the voltage level of the dynamic node, and a wait phase for enabling reading the value. The selection is based, at least partially, on the wait signal state.


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19 Feb 2008