Modeling of Human Body Walking Voltage in Time-Domain


Based on the measurement of human body walking voltage, the RC equivalent circuit model for human body voltage charging by walking has been deduced and the model parameters affection on the time domain voltage waveform has also been analyzed. Firstly, human body voltage charging by walking has been measured in different condition of thermal conditions, floor types and shoes types according to standard of IEC 61340-4-5. Secondly, the human body walking voltage waveform has been analyzed, then the human body walking voltage equivalent RC circuit model was deduced, and exponential function can be obtained to describe the human body walking voltage, the time constant τ is determined by the human body resistance R and capacity C to the ground. Thirdly, the human body capacity is periodic changing with human body steps, so the human body voltage is also negatively changing with human body capacity. Therefore, the human body walking voltage can be modeled and fit very well with the measurement.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Circuit simulation; Circuit theory; Equivalent circuit model; Equivalent RC circuit; Human bodies; Model parameters; Thermal condition; Time constants; Time-domain waveforms; Voltage waveforms; Exponential functions; Electro-static discharge (ESD); Human body voltage; Walking voltage

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01 Oct 2015