Near-Field Shielding Performances of EMI Noise Suppression Absorbers


This paper describes a systematic study on the near-field behavior of an electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise suppression absorber materials considering two different types of commercial absorbers and different types of excitation source: at first, elementary electric dipole and elementary magnetic loop, and then using real dimensions of a coaxial cable for designing a dipole and loop. Virtual versions of the material are created and simulated with the purpose of understanding the mechanisms of high values of power loss when the absorber is in the near field of the source The focus of this study is the evaluation of the electromagnetic power balance in near field for each absorbing material and considered source to understand their near-field shielding properties. Full-wave simulations and measurement are performed and compared to verify the performance of the EMI noise suppression absorber materials in the near field.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Electric excitation; Electromagnetic pulse; Electromagnetic shielding; Magnetic materials; Shielding; Spurious signal noise; Absorber material; Absorbing materials; Electromagnetic power; Excitation sources; Full-wave simulations; Noise suppression; Shielding performance; Shielding properties; Interference suppression; Attenuation; lossy materials; microwave absorber; near-field; reflection; total radiated power (TRP)

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01 Apr 2017