Dependence of ESD Charge Voltage on Humidity in Data Centers: Part III - Estimation of ESD-Related Risk in Data Centers using Voltage Level Extrapolation and Chebyshev's Inequality


This paper is the third in a series that investigates the electrostatic discharge (ESD)-related voltages and risks in data centers. This paper analyzes the risk of damage or upset under the following environmental conditions: 45% relative humidity (RH), 25% RH, and 8% RH at 27°C, and 8% RH at 38°C. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the increase of ESD-related upsets or failures caused by reducing the RH from 25% to 8%. The pattern walking test, random walking test, and extrapolation method described by Moradian et al. (2014) are used in this paper. As the distribution function of the tribo-charging-induced voltage is not directly known, Chebyshev's inequality is used to predict the upper bound for the probability of ESD-related failures.

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2015 ASHRAE Winter Conference (2015: Jan. 24-28, Chicago, IL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Distribution functions; Electrostatic discharge; Extrapolation; Probability distributions; Random processes; Risk perception; Charge voltage; Chebyshev's inequality; Environmental conditions; Extrapolation methods; Induced voltages; Risk of damage; Tribocharging; Voltage levels; Electrostatic devices

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01 Jan 2015

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