This paper presents the design of a wide area monitor (WAM) using remote area signals, such as speed deviations of generators in a power network, for identifying online the dynamics of a static var compensator (SVC). The design of the WAM is studied on the 12 bus FACTS benchmark system recently introduced. A predict-correct method is used to enhance the performance of the WAM during online operation. Simulation results are presented to show that WAM can correctly identify the dynamics of SVC in a power system for small and large disturbances. Such WAMs can be applied in the design of adaptive SVC controllers for damping interarea oscillations in power networks.

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IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2006


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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12 Bus FACTS Benchmark System; Benchmark FACTS Power System; Neural Networks; Remote Signals; SVC; SVC Controller Design; System Identification; Wide Area Monitor; Control System Synthesis; Distribution Networks; Electric Generators; Flexible AC Transmission Systems; Generator Speed Deviations; Interarea Oscillation Damping; Monitoring; Online Identification; Power Network; Power System; Power System Measurement; Predict-Correct Method; Predictor-Corrector Methods; Remote Area Signals; Static VAr Compensators; Static Var Compensator; Transmission Networks; Wide Area Monitor

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2006