An external parasitic ground (return) plane inductance, or a mutual inductance associated with fringing magnetic fields in planar transmission line structures, is the culprit of common-mode voltage (ground plane noise) that leads to parasitic radiation of the corresponding unintentional "antennas" in high-speed electronic equipment. Mutual inductance of this sort in microstrip and stripline structures is studied here using an analytical quasi- magnetostatic approach and FDTD modeling. Closed-form expressions for mutual inductance in symmetrical and asymmetrical microstrip and stripline structures are presented.

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (2002: Aug. 19-23, Minneapolis, MN)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Asymmetrical Structures; Closed-Form Expressions; Common-Mode Voltage; Electromagnetic Interference; External Parasitic Ground Plane Inductance; Finite Difference Time-Domain Analysis; Finite Size Microstrip Geometries; Finite Size Stripline Geometries; Fringing Magnetic Fields; Ground Plane Noise; High-Speed Electronic Equipment; Inductance; Microstrip Lines; Mutual Inductance; Parasitic Radiation; Planar Transmission Line Structures; Quasi-Magnetostatic Approach; Return Plane Inductance; Strip Lines; Symmetrical Structures; Unintentional Antennas; Common-Mode Current Loop; Differential-Mode Current Loop; Ground Plane; Microstrip; Mutual Inductance; Stripline

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01 Aug 2002