The horizontal coupling plane (HCP) and the vertical coupling plane (VCP) are essential elements of the standardized electrostatic discharge (ESD) test. They are used for testing the robustness of equipment against indirect (nearby) discharges. This article analyzed the current and the fields on the HCP and the VCP using plane wave, transmission line, quasi-static theory. The objective is to illustrate the dominating physical processes on these planes. The work is based on measurements of the transient currents and fields using broadband sensors.

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2002. EMC 2002


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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ESD Currents; ESD Fields; Approximation Theory; Charge Measurement; Dominating Physical Processes; Electrostatic Discharge; Equipment Robustness; Equivalent Circuits; Horizontal Coupling Plane; Plane Wave Theory; Quasi-Static Approximations; Standardized Electrostatic Discharge Test; Susceptibility; Testing; Transmission Line Theory; Vertical Coupling Plane

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01 Jan 2002