An adaptive Mamdani based fuzzy logic controller has been designed for controlling a static compensator (STATCOM) in a multimachine power system. Such a controller does not need any prior knowledge of the plant to be controlled and can efficiently control a STATCOM during different disturbances in the network. A model free approach using the controller output error is applied for training purposes that adaptively changes the controller output parameters based on a gradient descent method. Moreover, shrinking span membership functions are used for a more stable and accurate control performance. Simulation results show that the proposed controller outperforms the conventional PI controller during dynamic and transient disturbances.

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13th International Conference on, Intelligent Systems Application to Power Systems, 2005


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Mamdani Controller; PI Controller; Adaptive Mamdani Fuzzy Logic; Adaptive Control; Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller; Dynamic Disturbance; Fuzzy Control; Gradient Descent Method; Gradient Methods; Multimachine Power System; Power System Control; Shrinking Span Membership Functions; Static VAr Compensators; Static Compensator; Transient Disturbance

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01 Jan 2005