This paper reports on the simulation and practical studies carried out on a single turbogenerator connected to an infinite bus through a short transmission line, with a continually online trained (COT) artificial neural network (ANN) controller to identify the turbogenerator, and another COT ANN to control the turbogenerator. This identifier/controller augments/replaces the automatic voltage regulator and the turbine governor. Results are presented to show that this COT ANN identifier/controller has the potential to allow turbogenerators to operate more closely to their steady-state stability limits and nevertheless “ride through” severe transient disturbances such as three phase faults. This allows greater usage of existing power plant.

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IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 1998. ISIE '98


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Artificial Neural Network Controller; Automatic Voltage Regulator; Continual Online Training; Control Simulation; Control System Analysis; Disturbance Ride-Through; Identifier/Controller; Learning (Artificial Intelligence); Machine Control; Machine Theory; Neurocontrollers; Stability; Steady-State Stability Limits; Three-Phase Faults; Turbine Governor; Turbogenerator; Turbogenerators

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1998