This paper presents three different models that can be used to represent coaxial cable feeds or vias in printed circuit board power-bus structures. The probe model represents a coaxial feed or via as a current filament with unknown radius. The coaxial-cable model enforces an analytical field distribution at the cable opening or via clearance hole. The strip model employs the equivalent radius concept to represent cylindrical feeds and vias as rectangular strips. Although the strip model is functionally equivalent to two closely positioned probe models, it accurately represents the conductor radius and is more accurate in situations where the via or feed radius is important.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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MCM; PC Power-Bus Structures; Analytical Field Distribution; Cable Opening; Clearance Hole; Closely Positioned Probe Models; Coaxial Cable Feeds; Coaxial Cables; Coaxial-Cable Model; Conductor Radius; Current Filament; Cylindrical Feeds; Electromagnetic Fields; Equivalent Radius; Finite Element Analysis; Finite-Element Modeling; Multichip Modules; Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards; Printed Circuit; Printed Circuits; Probes; Rectangular Strips; Strip Model; Vias

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01 Jan 2002