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"The use of chlorine and chlorine compounds as metallurgical reagents has long been known to the metallurgical industry. Recent developments in corrosion resistant metals and alloys as well as new equipment and techniques have led to a revival of chlorine processes. Many of the objections to the use of chlorine in metallurgical operations have been overcome and many are being reconsidered, as evidenced by the new processes in which chlorine and chlorides are the primary reagents. The Betterton process employs chlorine or lead chloride for the dezincing of lead. Ductile zirconium and titanium have been made by reducing their chlorides with magnesium. Patents have been assigned to the Cerro de Pasco Copper Corporation which cover the treatment of bismuth with chlorine or chlorides to remove lead and zinc.

Various methods of preparing metal chlorides have been proposed. Some chlorides are formed by the direct combination of a metal or alloy with chlorine. Others are formed by the action of chlorine on metallic oxides. Carbon and other reducing agents can be employed to reduce metal oxides and promote chlorination….

The objects of this investigation were twofold; (1) to apply high temperature vacuum techniques to the preparation of' metallic chlorides by double decomposition reactions between a chloride such as calcium chloride and a metallic phosphate, silicate or oxide and to separate the newly formed chlorides from the products of the reaction by volatilization and condensation; (2) to observe the effect of adding non volatile, stable oxides to the metallic oxide-chloride reactions and to compare these effects to the predictions that may be made on the basis of thermodynamic data. Chemical, spectroscopic, optical and x-ray diffraction methods were employed to analyze the condensates and residues resulting from the reactions"--Abstract, pages 1, 4-5.


Schlechten, A. W.

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Straumanis, Martin E., 1898-1973


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph. D. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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xv, 163 pages

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Chlorine compounds
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