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Shaohui Yong

Keywords and Phrases

Copper foil surface roughness; Dielectric material; Fabricated printed circuit board; Signal Integrity


”As digital systems are moving in the direction of faster data transmission rate and higher density of circuits, the problem of the far-end crosstalk (FEXT) and frequency-dependent attenuation are becoming the major factors that limit signal integrity performance. This research is focusing on providing several more comprehensive and accurate modeling approaches for striplines on fabricated printed circuit board (PCB). By characterizing the dielectric permittivity of prepreg and core, dielectric loss tangent, and copper foil surface roughness using measurement data, a better agreement between the stripline model and measurement is achieved. First, a method is proposed to extract dielectric loss tangent using coupled striplines’ measured S-parameters and cross-section geometry. By relating modal attenuation factors to the ratio between the differential and common mode per-unit-length resistances, the unknwon surface roughness contribution is eliminated and the contributions of dielectric and conductor loss are separated. In addition, an improved surface roughness modeling approach is proposed by analyzing the microscopical cross-sectional image of the stripline. By combining the characterized surface roughness information and the extracted dielectric properties, the modeled attenuation factor is match with the measurement data. At last, an approach is introduced to extract the dielectric permittivity of prepreg and core. Using known cross-sectional geometry and measured phase of the coupled stirplines under test, the capacitance components in prepreg and core are separated using 2D solver models. Using the stripline model with inhomogeneous dielectric material, more accurate FEXT modeling results are obtained”--Abstract, page iv.


Kim, DongHyun (Bill)
Fan, Jun, 1971-

Committee Member(s)

Khilkevich, Victor
Drewniak, James L.
Hwang, Chulsoon
Ye, Xiaoning


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2020

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Dielectric Loss Tangent Extraction Using Modal Measurements and 2-D Cross-sectional Analysis for Multilayer PCBs
  • Resistance Modeling for Striplines with Different Surface Roughness on the Planes
  • Prepreg And Core Dielectric Permittivity Extraction for Fabricated Striplines’ Far-end Crosstalk Modeling


xiii, 99 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 11805

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