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Fracturing Fluids; High viscosity friction reducers; HVFR; Hydraulic Fracturing; Shale; Uniconventional


"Over the last few recent years, high viscosity friction reducers (HVFRs) have been successfully used in the oil and gas industry across all premier shale plays in North America including Permian, Bakken, and Eagle Ford. However, selecting the most suitable fracture fluid system plays an essential role in proppant transport and minimizing or eliminating formation damage.

This study investigates the influence of the use of produced water on the rheological behavior of HVFRs compared to a traditional linear guar gel. Experimental rheological characterization was studied to investigate the viscoelastic property of HVFRs on proppant transport. In addition, the successful implication of utilizing HVFRs in the Wolfcamp formation, in the Permian Basin was discussed. This study also provides a full comparative study of viscosity and elastic modulus between HVFRs and among fracturing fluids such as xanthan, polyacrylamide-based emulsion polymer, and guar.

The research findings were analyzed to reach conclusions on how HVFRs can be an alternative fracture fluid system within many unconventional reservoirs. Compared to the traditional hydraulic fracture fluid system, the research shows the many potential advantages that HVFR fluids offer, including superior proppant transport capability, almost 100% retained conductivity, around 30% cost reduction, and logistics such as minimizing chemical usage by 50% and the ability to stoner operation equipment on location. Finally, this comprehensive investigation addresses up-to-date of using HVFRs challenges and emphasizes necessities for using HVFRs in high TDS fluids"--Abstract, page iv.


Flori, Ralph E.

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Wei, Mingzhen
Rogers, J. David
Liu, Kelly H.
Rasouli, Vamegh


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Petroleum Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2019

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  • A critical review of high-viscosity friction reducers applications as an alternative hudraulic fracturing fluids system
  • Investigate the rheological behavior of high viscosity friction reducer fracture fluid and its impact on proppant static settling velocity
  • Static proppant settling velocity characteristics in high-viscosity friction reducers fluids for unconfined and confined fractures
  • Investigate proppant transport with varying perforation density and its impact on proppant dune development inside hydraulic fractures
  • Viscoelastic characterization effect of high-viscosity friction reducers and proppant transport performance in high-TDS environment
  • A comprehensive review of formation damage caused by high-viscosity friction reducers: Wolfcamp case study


xxii, 174 pages

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