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ERT; GPR; Karst; MASW; Missouri; TDEM


"This dissertation is composed of three papers, which are focused on the utility of geophysical techniques to imaging the shallow subsurface in karst areas in Missouri.

In the first paper, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and time domain electromagnetic metal detector (TDEM-MD) methods were effectively deployed in an investigation of the cemetery with the intent of locating unmarked graves. The outcome of this study is to expand the knowledge of GPR and TDEM-MD methods, to locate unmarked graves in cemeteries. The study concluded that the GPR method is superior than TDEM-MD to locate buried caskets in cemetery investigations.

In the second paper, optimum field parameters of multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) method were investigated in karst terrain and constrained with electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) data interpretation. Determinations were made based on the comparative analysis of MASW and ERT data results. It is concluded that the use of MASW method in karst terrain with smaller array provides good quality data.

In the third paper, ERT and MASW methods were effectively used to map the bedrock of study area by using shear wave velocity and resistivity values. It was observed that the bedrock in some study areas was difficult to recognize, because of the dry soils or moist soils were intact with bedrock. The results of this study indicate that ERT and MASW methods are suitable for mapping bedrock in a karst environment"--Abstract, page iv.


Anderson, Neil L. (Neil Lennart), 1954-

Committee Member(s)

Torgashov, Evgeniy V.
Rogers, J. David
Liu, Kelly H.
Alagha, Lana Z.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Geological Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2018

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  • Locating unmarked graves: Utilizing GPR and TDEM in Strickfaden-cemetery, Missouri
  • Application of multi-channel analysis of surface wave method to determine optimum parameter settings in karst terrain in southwest Missouri
  • Mapping bedrock in karst terrain with the use of electrical resistivity tomography and multi-channel analysis of surface waves.A case study in southwest Missouri


xi, 56 pages

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