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"In the design of electronic circuits, both linear and non-linear, one of the goals is the reduction of the number of elements needed to complete the design. By using distributed RC networks a reduction in the number of elements by at least 50% is usually possible. This dissertation discusses several distributed RC networks, develops detailed design procedures for each, and applies them in the design of electronic circuits.

The indefinite admittance matrix (IAM) for the DRURC (double-resistive uniformly distributed RC network) and the URC (single-resistive uniformly distributed RC network) , which have been previously derived, are used as the starting points for the development of the IAM's for the TURC (tapped URC) and the TDRURC (tapped DRURC) , a new distributed network. The development of the IAM for the TDRURC proceeds from the interconnection of two DRURC's such that the IAM's add. A similar procedure using URC's yields the IAM for the TURC. These two IAM's, which have not been previously published, allow the derivation of the design equations necessary to apply these networks to electronic circuits.

These four distributed network elements (URC, TURC, DRURC, and TDRURC) are applied to the reduction in the numbers of elements needed for the following electronic circuits: RC-coupled amplifiers, multivibrator circuits, high-Q (10 to 150) band-pass amplifiers, and phase-shift oscillators. The application to RC-coupled amplifiers is new, while the applications to band-pass amplifiers and phase-shift oscillators are significant advances to work that has been previously suggested. A prototype of each of the four distributed networks was built by the author in 1972 using a thin-film deposition method which is described in Chapter VII. The phase-shift oscillator, band-pass amplifier, and multivibrator circuits were also built and tested. The results compared favorably with predicted results.

The procedures for designing and fabricating uniformly distributed RC networks are reviewed in detail. A review of both thin-film fabrication by vacuum deposition and semiconductor fabrication by diffusion is included"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Bourquin, Jack J.

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Carson, Ralph S.
Fowler, Eddie R.
Plummer, O. R.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering


Northrop Institute of Technology


University of Missouri--Rolla

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xv, 173 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 153-156).


© 1975 Michael Flynn Kavanaugh, All rights reserved.

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Electric networks -- Design and construction
Electric network synthesis
Integrated circuits
Electronic circuits

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T 3052

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