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Sachin Sharma


"Fully differential cross sections (FDCS) have been measured for single ionization of H2 by 75 keV proton impact with varying transverse coherence length of the projectiles. As reported in recent years, the scattering angle dependence of the doubly differential cross sections (DDCS) are significantly affected by the projectile coherence properties. The interference structures were observed for the coherent beam, however were absent for an incoherent beam. Interestingly, the FDCS measurements for fixed momentum transfer do not suggest significant differences between the coherent and incoherent cross sections. However, for the FDCS with fixed recoil-ion momentum, clear differences between the two has been established. This suggests that the momentum-transfer vector determines the phase angle in the interference term, which is the ratio between coherent and incoherent cross sections. Earlier, the phase angle entering in molecular two-center interference was believed to be determined by the recoil-ion momentum vector.

Recently, a theoretical study was reported which acknowledges that the measured DDCS mentioned above are affected by projectile coherence effects, however, suggests that this should not be seen as wave-packet (de)coherence effect. While our data do not disprove this assertion entirely, this theoretical analysis did not pass an experimental test proposed by its authors and performed within the research project for this thesis"--Abstract, page iv.


Schulz, Michael, 1959-

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Madison, Don H.
Peacher, Jerry
Hor, Yew San
Lee, Hyoung-Koo



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Ph. D. in Physics


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2014

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  • Projectile coherence effects in electron capture by protons colliding with H2 and He
  • Complete momentum balance in ionization of H2 by 75 keV proton impact for varying projectile coherence
  • Fully differential study of interference in ionization of H2 by proton impact
  • Triple differential study of ionization of H2 by proton impact for varying electron ejection geometries


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Collisions (Nuclear physics) -- Mathematical models
Collisional excitation
Electrons -- Capture
Electron impact ionization

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T 10623

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