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"Researchers in the safety field are facing more challenges everyday with the expanding modern socio-technical systems. Safety analysis such as hazard analysis, accident causation analysis, and risk assessment are being revisited to overcome the shortcoming of the conventional safety analysis. With increasingly complex human system interaction in today's modern systems, new safety challenges are being faced that needed to be assessed and addressed. Managers and engineers face the challenge to choose from the vast amount of techniques available and utilize the correct one. Indeed, new or improved risk assessment tools that can address these complexities are needed. One of the most important steps in assessing risk is first to categorize it. There are risks associated with product component failure, human error, operational failure, environmental disasters, etc. So far, however, there has been little discussion about how do managers choose between the available risk assessments tools, which this considered the first step in risk analysis. In this research, risk assessment tools have been investigated, analyzed, categorized, and then applied to case studies in different industries. A pathway for researchers has been paved to overcome the difficulties in choosing risk assessment tools"--Abstract, page iv.


Murray, Susan L.

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Grantham Lough, Katie, 1979-
Corns, Steven
Sheng, Hong
Lockwood, Nick


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Ph. D. in Engineering Management


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2013

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Applying the Swiss Cheese Model of Accident Causation
  • Variations in Risk Management Models: A Comparative Study of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
  • STAMP - Holistic System Safety Approach or Just Another Risk Model?
  • Toward Quantifying the Safety Cognition in the Undergraduate Engineering Student


xi, 114 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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Risk assessment -- Case studies
Decision making -- Case studies
Risk assessment -- Statistical methods

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T 10380

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