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Superconducting nanostructures


"The field of nanomaterials has continued to attract researchers to understand the fundamentals and to investigate potential applications in the fields of semiconductor physics, microfabrication, nanomedicine, surface sciences etc. One of the most critical aspects of the nanomaterials research is to establish synthetic protocols, which can address the underlying product requirements of reproducibility, homogenous morphology and controlled elemental composition. We have focused our research in exploring synthetic routes for the synthesis of superconducting and semiconducting nanomaterials and analyze their structure--property relationship through detailed characterizations. The first part of dissertation is focused on the synthesis of superconducting FeSe nanostructures using catalyst assisted chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. The effect of catalyst--FeSe interphase on the d spacing of the FeSe nanostructures has been analyzed, and the internal pressure effect on theTc has been investigated further through in depth characterizations. The emphasis of second part is on the development of a simple yet versatile protocol for the synthesis of vertically aligned nanorod arrays on conducting substrate by combining electron beam lithography technique with electrochemical deposition. The technique has been utilized to fabricate photovoltaic CdTe nanorod arrays on conducting substrate and further extended to devise CdS--CdTe nanorod arrays to create radial and lateral p--n junction assembly. Using photo--electrochemical analysis, it was observed that, the nanorod arrays yielded higher photo--electrochemical current compared to the thin film counterpart. The third part of dissertation describes the CVD protocol to synthesize multifunctional, dumbbell shaped Au--CoSe nanoparticles, which possess potential applications in 'theronostic' biological examinations"--Abstract, page iv.


Nath, Manashi

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Leventis, Nicholas
Whitefield, Philip D.
Winiarz, Jeffrey G.
OKeefe, Matt



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Ph. D. in Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2013

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  • Synthesis of superconducting nanocables of FeSe encapsulated in carbonaceous shell.
  • Enhancement of superconducting TC (33 K) by entrapment of FeSe in biphasic, carbon coated AU--D17Se15 nanoparticles.
  • Growth of vertically aligned CdTe nanorod arrays through patterned electrodeposition.
  • Fabrication of radial and lateral, CdTe--dS nanorod arrays on conducting substrate.
  • Fabrication of multifunctional, soft--erromagnetic, dumbbell shaped AU--CoSe nanoparticles.


xvi, 179 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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Nanostructured materials -- Design
Nanostructured materials -- Synthesis
Semiconductor nanoparticles -- Analysis
Nanostructured materials -- Optical properties

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T 10366

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