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Ying Gao

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LC MS characterization


"Research described in this dissertation covers two topics. Part-I is related to the development of a soybean oil based epoxy resin and its application in beverage can coatings. Interior surfaces of beverage can are invariably coated with polymer coating. The most commonly used coatings at present are derived from bisphenol A (BPA) based epoxy reins. However, due to perceived endocrine disrupting nature of BPA and consequential adverse effects on humans and wildlife concerns for the use of BPA based coatings and its leaching into beverages have been expressed. The research in the first part describes the synthesis and evaluation of an epoxidized ally soyate (EAS) based epoxy resin for can coating. The coating obtained with the resin was subjected to rigorous mechanical tests specific for beverage can coatings. In addition the beverage exposed to the coating was evaluated by an expert panel through blind organoleptic tests to evaluate its acceptance. Results of tests showed that EAS coatings possess mechanical properties that compare favorably to the beverages. Thus such coatings hold good potential for application in the beverage industry. Part II of the dissertation deals with synthesis and characterization of tailored N & C end protected oligopeptides. Supplementation of limiting amino acids plays an indispensable role in improving the feed efficiency in animal production. However, direct supplementation with crystalline amino acids has been found to be inefficient due to extensive microbial degradation in the rumen, which converts the amino acids to short chain fatty acids and ammonia. To improve rumen bypass and increase nutritional efficiency research directed at synthesis of protected oligopeptides was undertaken. Oligopeptides comprised of methionine, lysine and arginine were synthesized through papain catalyzed reaction in an acetonitrile-water monophasic reaction medium. The oligopeptides with an ester moiety at the C-terminal were capped with a hydroxyl acid at the N-terminal end through chymotrypsin catalyzed reaction. The protected oligopeptides were characterized with RPLC and mass spectrometry. Results showed that protected oligopeptides with 3-6 amino acid residues can be synthesized with high yields. The oligopeptides exhibited low water solubility and low degradation in rumen fluid"--Abstract, page iii.


Kapila, Shubhender
Nam, Paul Ki-souk

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Ma, Yinfa
Ercal, Nuran
Westenberg, David J.
Kerley, Monty Stephen, 1960-



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Ph. D. in Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2008


xv, 140 pages

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Epoxy resins -- Synthesis
Soy oil -- Analysis

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T 9455

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