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Chi-Ming Hong


"The feasibility of studying ionic motion in glass using thermally stimulated polarization (TSPC)/depolarization current (TSDC) techniques was investigated with 4Na₂O·96SiO₂ and 30PbO·70SiO₂ (mol%) glasses. The TSDC peaks in these glasses were dependent on glass composition and attributed to bulk polarization. The high temperature background TSPC is shown to be due to dc conductivity, whereas the TSPC/TSDC peaks in the 4Na₂O glass are attributed to shorter range Na+ motion.

The electrical conductivity of glasses determined by TSPC agrees well with that measured by conventional ac or dc techniques. The TSPC technique is a rapid and easy method of measuring the dc conductivity over the range 10-15 to 10-7 (Ω·cm)-1 and is especially suited for conductivities <10-12 (Ω·cm)-1 . Space charge effects are easily detected and avoided.

Sodium ion motion in three sodium silicate glasses and a sodium aluminosilicate glass has been investigated by the thermally stimulated polarization (TSPC) and depolarization (TSDC) current techniques. The TSPC/TSDC peaks and a high temperature background (HTB) current in these glasses are shown to be related to different types of sodium motion and to the glass microstructure. The commonly observed absorption current is shown to be related to the TSPC/TSDC peaks.

The thermally stimulated polarization and depolarization current (TSPC/TSDC) technique has been employed to study Na+ ion motion in four sodium borate glasses (4 to 16 mol% Na₂O) over the temperature range 100 to 500°K. The TSDC peak observed in each glass is tentatively attributed to interfacial polarization at the boundaries of immiscible phases"--Abstract, page ii.


Day, D. E.

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Anderson, H. U. (Harlan U.)
Moore, Robert E., 1930-2003
Boone, Jack L.
Johnson, James W., 1930-2002


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph. D. in Ceramic Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Fall 1980


xiii, 132 pages

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Glass -- Electric properties
Dielectric measurements
Molecular dynamics

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T 4603

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