A fully automated, computer controlled plant has been designed specifically for safe removal of plastic bonded explosives (PBX) from obsolete military munitions. This PBX washout plant consists of a two stage delivery system and robotically operated high pressure waterjet lance. The assigned task was to develop control packages for each component.

The first stage of the delivery system is a battery operated overhead trolley. Its control package consist of a dedicated computer, DC motor and custom positioning subprograms. The dedicated computer communicates through an infrared link to the operator's computer. This link was developed due to requirements of a hazardous environment. Probable software solutions for the communication are presented given current system configurations.

The trolley positions the munition directly above a hydraulically operated table - the second stage of the delivery system. This stage's control package incorporates three closed loop, first order circuits and software. The table positions the munition for explosive removal by the waterjet.

The robotic waterjet lance is hydraulically controlled through four closed loop, first order circuits. The concepts of its controlling software is presented to better understand the currently developed software.


Computer Science


This report is substantially the M.S. thesis of the first author, completed May, 1988.

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