The control and programming methodology of industrial robots is becoming increasingly important. The speed and accuracy of data generation, and the performance of the robot are considered the most important factors in robotics control. This paper presents and discusses algorithms that solve for the inverse solution for a given point in space at a very high speed based on the top down abstract method. The algorithms are independent of any specific type of manipulator configuration or programming language. The algorithms were implemented for the IBM-PC™ using the FORTRAN language to control the Armdroid™ robot. The program generates 500 sets of data in 1.25 minutes. This paper also describes the Armdroid™ robot and presents its kinematic equations for both the forward and inverse solutions. Critical positions exist in the workspace of the robot where the inverse solutions become degenerate. Special algorithms are presented to resolve the degeneracy associated with these positions.


Computer Science


This report is substantially the M.S. thesis of the first author, completed December, 1984.

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01 Dec 1994