Top-K Query Processing in Mobile-P2P Networks using Economic Incentive Schemes


This work proposes the E-Top system for the efficient processing of top-k queries in mobile ad hoc peer to peer (M-P2P) networks using economic incentive schemes. In E-Top, brokers facilitate top-k query processing in lieu of a commission. E-Top issues economic rewards to the mobile peers, which send relevant data items (i.e., those that contribute to the top-k query result), and penalizes peers otherwise, thereby optimizing the communication traffic. Peers use the payoffs (rewards/penalties) as a means of feedback to re-evaluate the scores of their items for re-ranking purposes. The main contributions of E-Top are three-fold. First, it proposes two economic incentive schemes, namely ETK and ETK+, in which peers act individually towards top-k query processing. Second, it extends ETK and ETK+ to propose a peer group-based economic incentive scheme ETG. Third, our performance evaluation shows that our schemes are indeed effective in improving the performance of top-k queries in terms of query response times and accuracy at reasonable communication traffic cost.


Computer Science

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Economic incentive schemes; Top-k query processing; Data availability; Mobile-P2P networks

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1936-6442; 1936-6450

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01 Jan 2016