VisCFSM: Visual, Constraint-Based, Frequent Subgraph Mining


Graphs long have been valued as a pictorial way of representing relationships between entities. Contemporary applications use graphs to model social networks, protein interactions, chemical structures, and a variety of other systems. In many cases, it is useful to detect patterns within graphs. For example, one could be interested in identifying frequently occurring subgraphs, which is known as the frequent subgraph mining problem. A complete solution to this problem can result in numerous subgraphs and can be time-consuming to compute. An approximate solution is faster, but is subject to static heuristics that are beyond the control of the user. Herein we present VisCFSM, a visual, constraint-based, frequent subgraph mining system which allows the user to dynamically specify a variety of constraints on the subgraphs to be found while the mining algorithm is running. The constraint specification interactions are performed through a visual user interface, thereby facilitating a form of visual algorithm steering. This approach can be integrated with any frequent subgraph mining algorithm. Most importantly, this approach has the potential for the user to better, and more quickly, find the information that is of most interest to him/her in a graph.

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22nd International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, DMS 2016 (2016: Nov. 25-26, Salerno, Italy)


Computer Science

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Multimedia systems; User interfaces; Approximate solution; Complete solutions; Constraint specifications; Frequent subgraph mining; Graph; Protein interaction; Relationships between entities; Visual user interfaces; Data mining; Visual algorithm steering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Nov 2016