Image difference operation is commonly used in on-line automated printed circuit board (PCB) inspection systems as well as many other image processing applications. In this paper, we describe a new systolic algorithm and its system architecture which computes image differences in run-length encoded (RLE) format. The efficiency of this operation greatly affects the overall performance of the inspection system. It is shown that, for images with a high similarity measure, the time complexity of the systolic algorithm is a small constant. A formal proof of correctness for the algorithm is also given in the paper.

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IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation, 1998


Computer Science

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PCB Inspection Systems; RLE Images; Automatic Optical Inspection; Computational Complexity; Electronic Engineering Computing; Image Coding; Image Difference Operation; Image Recognition; On-Line Automated Printed Circuit Board Inspection Systems; Parallel Algorithms; Printed Circuit Testing; Proof of Correctness; Run-Length Encoded Format; Runlength Codes; Similarity Measure; Systolic Algorithm; Time Complexity

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1998