CoMCLOUD: Virtual Machine Coalition for Multi-Tier Applications over Multi-Cloud Environments


Applications hosted in commercial clouds are typically multi-tier and comprise multiple tightly coupled virtual machines (VMs). Service providers (SPs) cater to the users using VM instances with different configurations and pricing depending on the location of the data center (DC) hosting the VMs. However, selecting VMs to host multi-tier applications is challenging due to the trade-off between cost and quality of service (QoS) depending on the placement of VMs. This paper proposes a multi-cloud broker model called CoMCLOUD to select a sub-optimal VM coalition for multi-tier applications from an SP with minimum coalition pricing and maximum QoS. To strike a trade-off between the cost and QoS, we use an ant-colony-based optimization technique. The overall service selection game is modeled as a first-price sealed-bid auction aimed at maximizing the overall revenue of SPs. Further, as the hosted VMs often face demand spikes, we present a parallel migration strategy to migrate VMs with minimum disruption time. Detailed experiments show that our approach can improve the federation profit up to 23% at the expense of increased latency of approximately 15%, compared to the baselines.


Computer Science

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Ant Colony Optimization; Cloud Computing; Cloud Computing; Computer Architecture; Costs; Data Center; Game Theory; Games; Migration; Pricing; Quality of Service; Resource Management; Virtual Machine

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26 Oct 2021