Guidelines for a Standard Project Partnering Contract


This paper calls for a project partnering contract that integrates the entire project team under a single multi-party document. A three-phase methodology study based on literature review, interviews with 21 senior industry practitioners, and subsequent associated analysis was utilized in order to meet the goal and objectives of this study. Under this research, a series of principles and guidelines were highlighted whereby the owner, contractor, suppliers, and manufacturers collaboratively work together under the same terms and conditions. Thus, the owner has to deal with only one integrated contract which substantially reduces the risk of gaps or overlaps between the different roles and creates duties of care between all team members. A partnering contract would never, on its own, change the culture and environment of the construction process and thus, strategic partnering should be promoted not only at project specific activities but at all organizational activities. It is perceived that that this research would hopefully lay basis and foster legal professionals towards drafting of the first standard U.S partnering contract, which should help in developing a more effective and efficient contracting environment.

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Construction Research Congress 2010: Innovation for Reshaping Construction Practice (2010: May 8-10, Banff, Alberta, Canada)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Construction process; Literature reviews; Project delivery; Project partnering; Project team; Specific activity; Strategic partnering; Team members; Three-phase methodology, Construction; Research; Standardization; Supply chain management; Supply chains, Project management

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01 May 2010