This paper presents an experimental investigation on the effect of uniformly dispersed graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets on dynamic mechanical properties of cement based composites prepared with recycled fine aggregate (RFA). Three different amounts of GO, 0.05%, 0.10%, and 0.20% in mass of cement, were used in the experiments. The visual inspections of GO nanosheets were also carried out after ultrasonication by transmission electron microscope (TEM) atomic force microscope (AFM), and Raman to characterize the dispersion effect of graphite oxide. Dynamic mechanical analyzer test showed that the maximum increased amount of loss factor and storage modulus, energy absorption was 125%, 53%, and 200% when compared to the control sample, respectively. The flexural and compressive strengths of GO-mortar increased up to 22% to 41.3% and 16.2% to 16.4% with 0.20 wt % GO at 14 and 28 days, respectively. However the workability decreased by 7.5% to 18.8% with 0.05% and 0.2% GO addition. Microstructural analysis with environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM)/backscattered mode (BSEM) showed that the GO-cement composites had a much denser structure and better crystallized hydration products, meanwhile mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) testing and image analysis demonstrated that the incorporation of GO in the composites can help in refining capillary pore structure and reducing the air voids content.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Cement Composite; Dynamic Mechanical Properties; Graphene Oxide (GO); Microstructures; Strength

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01 Dec 2017