Porosity, Pore Size Distribution and Chloride Permeability of Shotcrete Modified with Nano Particles at Early Age


Nano particles have been found to be effective in enhancing many properties of regular concretes. However, there is little information on the effect of nano particles on shotcrete. In fact, if similar positive effect of nano particles can also appear in shotcrete, they will greatly benefit the wide application of shotcrete in more and more repair and strengthening of structures in civil engineering, especially in corrosive environments. In this study, through experiments on 70 specimens, the effects of nano SiO2, CaCO3 and Al2O3 particles on the early-age porosity, pore size distribution, compressive strength and chloride permeability of shotcrete were investigated.Test results indicated that nano SiO2 particles significantly increased the compressive strength and chloride penetration resistance; nano Al2O3 and CaCO3 particles had slight enhancing effect on the compressive strength; nano CaCO3 particles were most effective in promoting the chloride penetration resistance of shotcrete. As a conclusion, nano SiO2 particles were recommended when both early age compressive strength and chloride penetration resistance were crucial, and nano CaCO3 particles were recommended when only chloride penetration resistance was concerned for their high cost-effectiveness.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Chloride Penetration Resistance; Compressive Strength; Nanoparticles; Porosity; Shotcrete; Aluminum; Calcium Carbonate; Chlorine Compounds; Cost Effectiveness; Hardness; Pore Size; Size Distribution; Chloride Permeability; Corrosive Environment; Early Age; Enhancing Effect; Nano- SiO; Nano-CaCO; Repair And Strengthening; Compressive Strength

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01 Jun 2016