FRP-Confined Concrete Filled PVC Tubes: A New Design Concept for Ductile Column Construction in Seismic Regions


In their recent work Fakharifar and Chen (2016) [1] have introduced and validated a new ductile design concept of confined concrete-filled polyvinyl-chloride tubular (CCFPT) columns through experimental and analytical studies. Confinement was provided with the use of a polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) tube and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) wrappings or FRP with a sandwiched layer of foam to enhance impact energy reduction due to potential FRP rupture and PVC fracture. In the present paper, additional flexural tests on CCFPT columns were undertaken to further investigate the structural behavior of the proposed system for column construction in seismic regions. Axial and flexural behavior of CCFPT columns was investigated with compressive and flexural tests, respectively, and compared with those of their corresponding concrete-filled polyvinyl-chloride tubular (CFPT) and FRP-wrapped (FW) columns. Test results obtained from 152 x 305 mm (6 x 12 in.) stub columns under axial loads and 152 x 1524 mm (6 x 60 in.) flexural beams under four-point loads indicated that the CCFPT columns can significantly enhance strength over the CFPT columns and enhance ductility over the FW columns. The transverse confining pressure from FRP wrapping and the interface property between the FRP and PVC proved critical in CCFPT design. Furthermore, the idea of introducing a cushioning foam layer between FRP layers and PVC to lessen the brittleness of FRP rupture in seismic regions proved effective.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Column Construction; Confined Concrete; Ductility; FRP Composites; Seismic; Strength; Beams And Girders; Fiber Reinforced Plastics; Fracture Mechanics; Reinforced Concrete; Seismic Design; Seismology; Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

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01 Jan 2017