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A Report Submitted To the Department of the Army, St. Louis District, Corps of Engineers



In this report, the authors discuss factors which relate to flow characteristics of the Middle Mississippi River and its major tributaries. The variety of ways in which man and nature interact to affect the hydrologic regime of the study area are almost infinite. Furthermore, the intensity and direction of man's activity is non-uniform with respect to both time and space. Therefore, on the scale of the study area, the authors assert that 1) it is difficult to verify associations between specific human actions and river responses and 2) at this time, it is impossible to do so in a reasonably quantitative manner.

These points are not intended to imply support for a course of inaction with regard to management of rivers in the study area. Instead, it is hoped that they will add important new perspective to issues which face those persons charged with the responsibility of protecting the public interest in these vital river resources.

Paul R. Munger
Director, Institute of River Studies


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


United States. Army. Corps of Engineers


Institute of River Studies
Department of Civil Engineering
School of Engineering
University of Missouri--Rolla
Paul R. Munger, Director

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DACW 43-77-C-0099

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01 Jan 1978