Evaluation of Tensile and Bearing Capacities of Cold-Formed Steel Connections Attached with Pneumatically Driven Pins


A experimental study was conducted to examine the shear and tensile strength of pneumatically driven pin connections used in cold-formed steel construction. This study included the key parameters that influence the connection strength: steel thickness (16-, 18- and 20-gauge steel), sheathing thickness (1/2′(152-mm) Unipan and 1/2′ (152-mm) Dens-Glass Gold). the shear design values given in the AISI design specifications for screw connections are compared with those obtained from a series of lap shear tests and a good agreement is obtained. Initial analysis of the AISI design equation for tensile failure due to pull-over yielded poor results when compared to the withdrawal test values. Upon further analysis it was determined the connection failed in punch shear mode and the results compared well with the ACI punch shear analysis. the equations developed in this study can be used to predict the strength of pneumatically driven pin connections in cold-formed steel construction.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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01 Dec 2003

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