ASTM Standard E 1300-04 ("Standard practice for determining load resistance of glass in buildings") outlines procedures for determining the strength of window glass products when the glass is subjected to uniform lateral pressure. This standard practice addresses each of the commonly used window glass products (monolithic glass, laminated glass, and insulating glass) that are fabricated from annealed, heat strengthened, and fully tempered glass plates, used singly or in combination. the procedures are based on principles of structural mechanics, are thorough, and are presented in clear and concise terms. Analyses of the basis for and the scope of these procedures lead to two interesting observations. First, the procedures are based on a very conservative definition of glass strength, and second, the procedures encompass certain technical refinements, design conditions, and product configurations that are outside of practical application, thus making the procedures appear overly complex to the user. Recommendations are offered for taking advantage of the inherent conservatism and discerning perspectives to make the procedures simpler and more practical. © ASCE.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Design standards; Glass; Lateral pressure; Snow loads; Wind pressure; Window glass

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23 Aug 2006