A Numerical Method for Buckling Analysis of Built-Up Columns with Stay Plates


A new numerical model based on the spline finite strip method is presented here for the analysis of buckling of built-up columns with and without end stay plates. the channels are modelled with spline finite strips while the connecting elements are represented by a 3D beam finite element, for which the stiffness matrix is modified in order to ensure complete compatibility with the strips. This numerical model has the advantage to give all possible failure modes of built-up columns for different boundary conditions. the end stay plates are also taken into account in this method. to validate the model a comparative study was carried out. First, a general procedure was chosen and adopted. for each numerical analysis, the lowest buckling loads and modes were calculated. the basic or "pure" buckling modes were identified and their critical loads were compared with solutions obtained using analytical methods and/or other numerical methods. the results showed that the proposed numerical model can be used in practice to study the elastic buckling of built-up columns. This model is considered accurate and efficient for the local buckling of short columns and global buckling for slender columns.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Batten plates; Built-up columns; Elastic buckling; Spline finite strip; Stay plates

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10 Jul 2007