Performance Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcing Bar Featuring Ductility and Health Monitoring Capability


The main objective of this study was to develop a new type of FRP rebar with focus on ductility and health-monitoring issues. One approach to provide ductility was the use of a hybrid FRP reinforcing bar consisting of different types of fibers, which fail at different strains during the load history of the rebar, thereby allowing a gradual failure of the rebar. The rebar was manufactured using pultrusion and filament winding techniques. These techniques have made it possible to embed fiber optic sensors within the reinforcement, for health monitoring, thus protecting the sensor from the harsh concrete environment. Pseudo-ductile behavior was validated through testing of coupon FRP rebar as well as RC beams. Testing of large-scale beams reinforced with the hybrid FRP rebar exhibited remarkable ductility behavior with ductility indices close to that of beams reinforced with steel rebar. Furthermore, the strain measured from the embedded fibers optics replicates the measurement of conventional LVDT and was reliable up to failure of the beams.


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Composites; Ductility; Fiber reinforced polymers; Flexure; Reinforcing bars; Sensors; Structures

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01 Aug 1999

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