Structural Behavior of Cold-formed Steel Header Beams for Residential Construction


The purpose of this experimental and analytical study was to observe the structural behavior of cold-formed steel header beams subject to a combined bending and interior-one-flange loading (IOF) condition as typically occurs in residential construction. This study focussed on the IOF loading of both back-to-back (I-beam) and box-beam configurations as specified in the "Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing - Second Edition." Past research conducted in the area of web crippling strength, bending strength and flange buckling of cold-formed steel members was reviewed and is discussed. The data obtained from the experimental study was analyzed and evaluated to determine the interaction between bending and web crippling for the loading configurations used. The findings of this pilot study were used to define future research needed to establish design methodologies for residential header beam construction. Because this was a pilot study and was limited in the number of test specimens, no new design equations or recommendations were developed.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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01 Dec 2000

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