Influence of a New Geotextiles on the Migration of Water Content in Expansive Soil Pavements: A Experimental Study


Expansive Soil is a Special Type of Highly Hydrophilic Soils that is Prone to Expansion and Contraction Deformation When Encountering Water, Resulting in Cracking, Settlement, Pumping, and Other Problems for Pavements Constructed in Expansive Soil Areas. the New Geotextile is a New Type of Geomaterials with Drainage and Reinforcement Functionalities that Can Drain Gravitational Water (Similar to Traditional Drainage Structures); in Addition, Capillary Water Can Also Be Wicked by the Capillary Force Generated by the Capillary Fabric Grooves of the Wicking Geotextile. in Addition, This Material Has a High Level of Dewatering Performance in Unsaturated Environments. to Investigate the Influence of a New Geotextiles on the Moisture Content Distribution, Expansive Rate and Undrained Strength of the Expansive Soil, One-Dimensional Soil Column Comparison Tests between Only Soil (Soil Sample), Drained and Undrained Specimens under Capillary Water Rise and Rainfall Infiltration Were Carried Out by Placing a New Geotextile Layer in Expansive Soil. the Results Show that More Water Was Accumulated by Capillary Barrier System Formed by the Expansive Soil-Geotextile Than that Without Geotextile, Resulting in a "Pot Cover" Effect. the Presence of the Geotextile Slowed Down the Rate of Water Migration and Limited the Swelling Deformation, and the Undrained Shear Strength of Soil Also Changed Significantly. the Water that Was Absorbed and Blocked Around the Geotextile Cannot Be Drained, Which Can Easily Cause Engineering Problems. the Capillary Forces Generated by the Capillary Grooves of the New Geotextiles Pumped More Water into the Sample and Then the Accumulated Water Was Exported Horizontally by the Suction Difference between the Humidity Inside and Outside of the New Geotextile. the New Geotextiles Need to Be Extended Beyond the Soil Sample to Fully Exploit their Drainage Performance under Unsaturated Conditions. the Research Results Can Provide Certain Guidance for the Management of Engineering Problems in Expansive Soil Pavements.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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01 Jan 2024