Estimation of Fundamental Period for Structures Supported on Pile Foundations


One of the significant effects of considering soil-structure interaction in the analysis of structures is the increase in the fundamental natural period compared to the fundamental natural period of a similar structure, fixed at the base. Applied Technology Council (ATC) originally set forth some provisions to calculate the fundamental natural period of flexible based structures using the period of a similar structure, fixed at the base, and lateral and rocking stiffness coefficients of the foundation. These provisions became the basis of current soil-structure interaction recommendations in several building codes. The fundamental natural periods of structures founded on different types of foundations computed using recommendations of the ATC are compared with those computed using a simplified model to perform soil-structure interaction of shear-type structures. Results show that the provisions given in ATC may be used for structures supported on shallow footings but may not be applicable for structures supported on pile foundations or foundations having the ratio of lateral to rotational stiffness coefficients different from those of shallow foundations. An equation, similar to the equation recommended by ATC, is presented to estimate the fundamental natural period of structures supported on pile foundations.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Dynamic; Period; Pile Foundations; Soil-structure interaction

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01 Sep 2004