Fluxing Template-Assisted Synthesis of Sponge-Like Fe₂O₃ Microspheres toward Efficient Catalysis for CO Oxidation


Constructing a porous architecture is a considerable strategy to enhance the catalytic activity of metal oxides catalysts for CO oxidation. In this work, we have developed porous sponge-like Fe2O3 microspheres by employing a facile aerosol spray pyrolysis. The NaNO3 salt in the spray solution plays a crucial role as a fluxing sacrifice template in the formation of the sponge-like structure, in which a high surface area of 216.2 m2g-1 and an average pore size of 4 nm are obtained. This novel Fe2O3 catalyst exhibits an improved catalytic activity compared to usual iron oxides catalysts. Nearly 50% CO conversion at a relatively low temperature of 200 °C and 100% CO conversion at 300 °C at a space velocity of 60 000 ml h-1 are achieved. Furthermore, it displays an outstanding catalytic stability without distinct decay for 1000 min in a continuous stream at 300 °C. In addition to the effect of plentiful adsorption sites for the gas reactant, the promoted catalytic performance is also attributed to the function of abundant OH groups rooted in the large surface of the sponge-like structure, which induces faster reaction rate of CO oxidation via a bicarbonate route.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (91534202 , 91534122 , 51673063), the Basic Research Program of Shanghai (15JC1401300, 17JC1402300), the Social Development Program of Shanghai (17DZ1200900), Shanghai City Board of education research and innovation project, and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (222201718002).

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Catalyst activity; Catalytic oxidation; Hematite; Iron oxides; Microspheres; Oxidation; Pore size; Sodium nitrate; Spray pyrolysis; Temperature; Aerosol spray pyrolysis; Catalytic performance; CO oxidation; Fluxing template; Metal oxides catalysts; Porous architectures; Spongelike structure; Template-assisted synthesis; Nitrogen compounds

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01 Jun 2018