Adapting the House of Quality for the LEED Commissioning Process in New-Building Construction


This paper presents a methodology for using the House of Quality (HOQ) in the Commissioning (Cx) of new construction building projects that are seeking LEED certification. Cx is a quality process for building construction used to verify that the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) is being met by the design team and construction. The LEED system offers four levels of certification, each progressively more difficult to achieve, with numerous point opportunities that span the full range of design disciplines. It is difficult to quickly understand how a design decision made by one discipline impacts another discipline's goal(s) for maximizing LEED points in their perspective areas. LEED certification is part of the OPR, but too often the design drifts from the OPR and simply focuses on meeting the LEED certification. The HOQ can provide a means for comparison of OPR, the proposed design, and how the design decisions impact the LEED scorecard.

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33rd Annual International Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management 2012, ASEM 2012 - Agile Management: Embracing Change and Uncertainty in Engineering Management (2012: Oct. 17-20, Virginia Beach, VA)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Building construction; Commissioning process; Design decisions; Design team; House of Quality; New constructions; Quality process, Design; Energy efficiency; Management, Construction

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01 Oct 2012

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