Shrinkage of Highly Flowable Cement Paste Reinforced with Glass Fiber


Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has a high flowability and a moderate viscosity, and no blocking may occur during flow. SCC is prone to considerable shrinkage, due to the high amount of paste and reduced aggregate content. The addition of fibers may take advantage of its high performance in the fresh state to achieve a more uniform dispersion of fibers, which can help to mitigate the shrinkage of the self-compacting composite. This research focuses on the development of shrinkage in highly flowable cement paste (HFCP), which plays an important role in shrinkage of SCC, reinforced with glass fibers. The effect of fiber length and fiber content on total shrinkage of the cementitious material is investigated in this research using shrinkage curves over 190 days. Nine cement paste mixtures were prepared containing 0 to 5 percent of glass fibers. Besides, the rheological and mechanical properties of fiber reinforced cement paste are investigated by pertinent examinations.

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International Conference on Advanced Concrete Materials, ACM 2009 (2009: Nov. 17-19, Stellenbosch, South Africa)


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Cement paste; Cementitious materials; Fiber contents; Fiber length; Flowability; Rheological and mechanical properties; Self-compacting; Self-consolidating concrete; Uniform dispersions, Cements; Dispersions; Glass fibers; Mechanical properties; Reinforcement; Shrinkage, Fibers

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01 Nov 2010

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